The Weeknd

Toronto's The Weeknd has taken the music blogs by storm in a very short time. It's dirty R&B with amazing vocals and lots of wet drums. I haven't been this excited about R&B since I was a teenager!


Jenny Hval

I went to By:Larm in Oslo last weekend and discovered the wonderful Jenny Hval from Norway. Her new album Viscera just came out and it's been on repeat in this ol' lady's player. Her music is piercing and the lyrics are strange and beautiful.

Jenny Hval - Blood Flight (official video) from Jenny Hval on Vimeo.


My best of 2010 in music

I've decided to bring this blog back from the dead. And why? Because I don't want my Best-of-2010-international-list to get lost in the Facebook news feed. This way it shall live FOREVER! So here it is, in no particular order:

John Grant - The Queen of Denmark
I kind of feel like I've been listening to John Grant's debut album my whole life. It's so familiar (in the best way) and it basically sounds like velvet, sweet 70's velvet. The lyrics are melodramatic, tragicomical and poetic and I can't stop listening. Grant recorded the album in Midlake's studio in Denton, Texas and you can really hear their influence. Bottom-line: Brilliant!

Queen Of Denmark - John Grant by FollyOfYouth

Twin Shadow - Forget
This über cool Brooklynite and 80's pop revivalist really got me with this dreamy and dancy album.

Twin Shadow- I Can't Wait by latitude32

The Irrepressible - Mirror Mirror
This 10-piece performance orchestra takes you to a burlesque circus show. Wonderfully dramatic and the final song 'In this Shirt' is so amazing that I want it to run through my veins.

The Irrepressibles-In This Shirt by Check The Availability

Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid
Monáe's concept fantasy album is a smorgasbord of influences. Flipping hell! It wants to be so much and succeeds. And this tiny genius has superstar written all over her.

Janelle Monáe - Cold War by Ragged Words

This remix isn't on the album but I love it none the less.
Janelle Monae - Cold War (Wondamix) by All You Need Is Soul...

Active Child - Curtis Lane EP
OK, this is an EP but this is my list and Pat Grossi's Curtis Lane so deserves a place on it. Hymntronic is what he calls his music and with his falsetto and a healthy dose of harps it is aptly named.
She Was A Vision by Active Child

Beach House - Teen Dream
Victoria Legrand's hypnotic voice is the perfect accessory for these sad songs. But even if they are sad they don't make me want to kill myself.
Beach House - Zebra by mattpoco

Glasser - Ring
There are actually quite a few debut albums on my list this year and this is one of them from LA's Cameron Mesirow. And as I write this I realise that a lot of the music I've been listening to this year can be described as hypnotising. I don't know whether it says more about me or what has been happening musically this year. The first half of this album is definitely a lot stronger than the second half.

Glasser - Home by morrisday

Warpaint - The Fool
Debut album. Can ye believe it? This four-piece all-girl band from California charmed me with their 2009 EP Exquisite Corpse and now they've released this fantastic retro guitar debut.
Warpaint - Set Your Arms Down by Haylee Joel

Matthew Dear - Black City
A dark electronic gem and in my opinion Matthew Dear's best album, thank you very much.
Matthew Dear - Gem by The Drift Record Shop

Rufus Wainwright - All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu
Oh, I just love you, Rufus! Now it's just him and his piano.
05 - Rufus Wainwright - True Loves by clovesgreen

After this year of music I'm sure I'd enjoy a trip to a hypnotist and quite possibly to California as well. Merry Christmas!


Exam tomorrow...

Send this lady some good vibes:)

Happy thought of the hour: By this time tomorrow I will be enjoying a cold glass of champagne on the terrace at Mejlgade 35. Yee haw!


Vitiði hvað ég elska?

Að keyra Reykjanesbrautina með allt í botni og syngja með. Þar sem ég er nú fædd og uppalin í Keflavík hef ég í ófá skipti keyrt þennan veg. Í kvöld var það yndislegt. Klukkan var 22.30, sólin rétt að setjast og allt svo fallegt. Ég held barasta að ég sé að verða ástfangin af Íslandi á ný. Svo ástfangin að ég hreinlega blibba á íslensku.


Of time travels and final monsters

I went time traveling last weekend. Back to the 90's. The class of '79 had a reunion. We are of course all extremely religious people so we gathered to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our confirmation into the Christian church. Hymns, bible studies and good times... Actually it was pure debauchery: Great people, great food, great music and a great deal of alcohol. It's a far cry from the life I've led since I returned to Iceland. It has involved sitting on my ass and writing, taking long walks after dinner with my mom and her sister, watching every episode of Men In Trees I could find and almost purely enjoying the company of people over 50. All good things but enough is enough, you know? So tonight I'm heading to the smallest capitol in Europe and intend to dance my socks off to celebrate the fact that today I DELIVERED MY FINAL REPORT AT THE KAOSPILOTS. Hell to the yeah!

I posted pics from the reunion on flickr.

glove and greece, y'all,